2016 Equity Raise

1% for External Equity

Since before United Academics was founded, Librarians have consistently raised two issues they would like to see addressed. There is a strong desire among many Librarians to end the "up-or-out" promotion system. We have not achieved that goal. Librarians still face an up-or-out promotion scheme, although we were able to add an "second chance" to the process during the first round of bargaining.

The other issue Liberians raised was the poor performance of Librarian salaries compared to the UO Libraries' established external comparators.

In the last round of bargaining, we were able to secure a 1% external equity raise for Librarians. The university administration resisted agreeing to this raise until the last hours of bargaining, but, in the end, agreed to increase Librarian salaries by an additional 1% in order to make some effort to bring Librarian salaries in alignment with their external comparators. The hope is that as that additional 1% compounds over the life to the contract - and future contracts - Librarians will achieve parity with their comparators.