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UA no background We promote and defend quality public higher education by working together to uphold the University of Oregon’s academic and research priorities. We believe in democracy, fairness, transparency, academic excellence, diversity, access to education, and economic opportunity. We aim to enhance the quality of faculty work life and student education by negotiating our terms and conditions of employment.


Karen McPherson, Tina Boscha, and Deborah Olson make our union official

Karen McPherson, Tina Boscha, and Deborah Olson make our union official

Beginning in 2007, faculty started organizing meetings to discuss the possibility of forming a faculty union; faculty were concerned about the erosion of shared governance and salaries that put them at the bottom of their AAU comparators. In 2009, faculty organizers affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers and the American Association of University Professors to begin the process of forming a faculty union at the UO, selecting the name United Academics of the University of Oregon. After two-and-a-half years of organizing conversations, guest speakers from unions across the country, and thousands of individual conversations, United Academics collected union membership cards from a majority of faculty in all sectors and filed for recognition with the Oregon Employment Relations Board in April 2012. In October 2013, we reached our first collective bargaining agreement with the university. In that same month, we ratified our Constitution and Bylaws and approved our first budget. The Representative Assembly adopted a revised Constitution and Bylaws of United Academics on October 16, 2019. This version of the Constitution and Bylaws governs the affairs of United Academics. The first official elected leaders of United Academics took office in January 2014.


United Academics is a member-run union.

We hold elections for our Executive Council in May of the odd-numbered years. The current Executive Council officers can be found here.

The Representative Assembly is made up of representatives in all divisions and classifications across campus. The current Representative Assembly can be found here.

The Chairs of the various committees are elected officers of United Academics. You can view the current committees and their projects here.


The membership of United Academics adopted The Constitution and Bylaws of United Academics the same night we ratified the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Constitution and Bylaws were drafted by a committee of volunteers over the 2013 academic year. They were formally adopted on October 8, 2013.

The 2014-2015 United Academics Budget was adopted by the Executive Council at their June 13, 2014 meeting. The 2019-2020 United Academics budget was adopted by the Representative Assembly at their May 15, 2019 meeting. Additional information regarding the budget can be found on the Finance and Budget page.


help with filing a grievance The Collective Bargaining Agreement defines a grievance as an allegation that there has been a violation of a specific term of the Agreement. More informally, a grievance can be when a work-related problem has arisen in a department that cannot be resolved, a department or university policy has been violated, or a situation exists that is unfair or unjust to a faculty member. Not all problems or situations are grievances, of course, but knowing what is or is not a grievance can be a specialized skill. If you think you have a grievance, please do not hesitate to click on the icon above and contact our office.


We are affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers and the American Association of University Professors. Through these two organizations, we are also affiliated with AFT-Oregon and AAUP-Oregon. We are proud members of the American Federation of Teacher-Congress of Industrial Organizations and their state affiliate.


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