Our History



October 28 & 29 - Our first arbitration hearing with the University.

July - President Gottfredson announced the enactment of three new or expanded benefits bringing unrepresented faculty members (UFM) and officers of administration (OA) up to Collective Bargaining Agreement levels, allowing them, in his words, “to enjoy more generous family leave benefits and receive a tuition discount for a second child who attends the UO, as well as expanding sabbatical compensation for faculty.”

May - President Gottfredson signed the Academic Freedom policy adopted unanimously by the University Senate in April. Protecting academic freedom is central to the mission of United Academics. From our contract negotiations adding strong speech protections in our CBA (Article 5) to collaborative work with the University Senate, students and other campus unions, United Academics has provided critical impetus for advancing what is now among the strongest Academic Freedom policies in the country. This new policy affirms that “members of the university community have freedom to address, question, or criticize any matter of institutional policy or practice, whether acting as individuals or as members of an agency of institutional governance.” Notably, the policy applies not only to the teaching, research, and service activities of faculty, but also to undergraduate and graduate students, classified staff, and visitors to campus, permitting free debate and expression without fear of institutional reprisal

April - New policy on Academic Freedom, developed over the course of many months, including numerous meetings between President Gottfredson and the Senate ad hoc workgroup, chaired by Senator Dreiling (UA President), passed unanimously by the University Senate.

February 18 - Kristy Hammond is hired as the Administrative Assistant for United Academics.

January 28 - United Academics files our first grievance against the University of Oregon over the implementation of Article 26 - Salaries. The University had denied raises to many faculty members that we thought were eligible for them. This grievance was ultimately settled amicably.

January 15 - David Cecil is hired as Executive Director of United Academics.


October 8 - Ratification of first Collective Bargaining Agreement by UAUO Membership. Contract highlights can be found here.

September 18 - Tentative agreement on first Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiated by UAUO.

130507.mca_.ODE_.Faculty.Protest.07May 7 - United Academics holds giant rally in support of the bargaining team.



December 13 & 14 - United Academics submits all of our initial proposals over two days. 

October 17 - UA sends letter to UO officially notifying the university of intent to bargain.

October 10 - The Organizing Committee votes on a slate of candidates to be on the bargaining team and selects the following:

  • Susan Anderson, Professor, German and Scandinavian
  • Ron Bramhall, Senior Instructor, Lundquist College of Business
  • Yvonne Braun, Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies/International Studies
  • John Davidson, Instructor, Political Science
  • Deborah Green, Associate Professor, Religious Studies
  • Judith Kenner, Research Associate, Psychology
  • Deborah Olson, Instructor, Special Education
  • Scott Pratt, Professor, Philosophy
  • Gina Psaki, Professor, Romance Languages
  • Bill Harbaugh, Professor, Economics (advisor to team on economic issues)

September 29 & 30 - The Bargaining Caucus, made up of faculty-selected "chairs" of the various workgroups, met over the weekend to edit the first draft of UA's bargaining proposals. 

Timeline_and_Structure_6.18Summer - Ten workgroups made up of dozens of faculty from across campus meet to discuss issues that should be addressed in the first Collective Bargaining Agreement. David Cecil from AFT-Oregon and Mike Mauer from AAUP are assigned to help the faculty bargain the first agreement. 

April 27 - The signed union cards are certified by Oregon Employment Relations Board and United Academics is certified as the union for the faculty at the University of Oregon.

Karen McPherson, Tina Boscha, and Deborah Olson make our union official

Karen McPherson, Tina Boscha, and Deborah Olson make our union official

March 13 - United Academics submits to the Oregon Employment Relations Board more than 1200 signed union authorization cards from faculty across campus. UA believes this represents a majority of faculty at the UO. 

February 11 - Howard Bunsis returns to campus and gives a stellar presentation about the university's finances. 

January 24 - Launch of card drive.


November 17 - University of Oregon President Richard Lariviere fired by OUS Board. 

October 26 - NTTF Luncheon held in Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum. 

May 24 - Our "Universities Under Attack" forum is attended by more than 100 people. Cary Nelson, Michelle Fecteau, Darci Thoune, and Emily Plec presented information about how unions work on their campuses and how unions were helping in the fight against anti-higher education politics.

March 10 - Second "UA Science Social" for RAs and postdocs held in Klamath Hall.

March - Motion US10/11-12: "POLICY ON ACADEMIC FREEDOM AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH" submitted by Ad-Hoc Committee on Academic Freedom, chaired by Carl Bybee, AAUP Advocacy Chapter President, unanimously adopted on March 9. Two U of O presidents refuse to sign-off on policy.

February 17 - Analysis of UO and the Oregon University System by Howard Bunsis, Ph.D., C.P.A. and J.D., Professor of Accounting, Eastern Michigan University.

February 16 - Howard Bunsis of AAUP, Rob Wagner and Kate Gonsalves of AFT give a presentation titled "The State of the University: An analysis of UO fiscal trends and important legislative changes."

January 18 - RA, Postdoc, and Lab Tech Social held in Klamath Hall.

January 14 - The first of a series of "NTTF Fridays" events held at Rennie's as a open forum for NTTF to ask questions about the union drive.


December - A revitalized Organizing Committee meets and agrees to select faculty chairs for the meetings. OC members also take responsibility for setting the agenda for the meetings and recruiting potential new members to the OC.

November 30 - Jonathan Karpf and David Rives give a presentation titled "Non-Tenure Track Faculty in a Unionized Context" to ~50 NTTF.  

October 26 - Nancy Welch, President of United Academics, the Faculty Union at the University of Vermont, gives a talk entitled “Revitalizing Academic Freedom and Faculty Governance: What Faculty Gain through Unionizing.”

July - Yonna Carroll replaces Dennis Ziemer as AFT campaign director.

March 30 - Local UAUO leadership meets with national AFT and AAUP represents to express concerns about campaign. A decision was made not to include officers of administration in the bargaining unit.

February 5 - University Senate/Faculty Advisory Committee Town Hall Meeting on Unionization of Faculty and OAs on UO Campus; Gordon Sayre, Professor of English and Mike Tedesco, Adjunct Professor of Law and private attorney represent United Academics; Linda King, Associate VP for Human Resources and Doug Park, Assistant University General Counsel represent UO Administration.


October 6 - Ezra Zubrow (SUNY Buffalo, Professor of Anthropology and VP of United University Professionals), Pradeep Kumar (University of Florida, Professor of Physics, Grievance Chair of United Faculty of Florida), Dan Golodner (Wayne State University, Archivist, Political Action Chair of Wayne State AAUP-AFT) visit UO and serve on a panel to discuss faculty unions.

July - United Academics sends Marie Vitulli and Sarah Douglas to attend AFT Union Leadership Institute in LA.

June 1 - Lisa C. Klein, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, President of Rutgers AAUP-AFT Chapter tells UO faculty and OAs “Why Unions Make Sense at AAU Institutions.”

April 13 - Results of AFT-AAUP Phone Survey: Top 3 concerns of those surveyed were: adequate funding for the institution, faculty voice in decision-making, and salaries.

March - The UO Advocacy Chapter of AAUP elects pro-union slate.

February 1 - AFT Organizer Dennis Ziemer starts working out of Eugene office above the Red Rooster BarberShop on 13th Ave.

January 12 - National and Oregon reps of AFT and AAUP visit UO and meet with faculty and OAs.


December - Marie Vitulli and Gordon Lafer meet with national leaders of AFT and AAUP and informally kick off the UO unionization drive.

August - AFT and AAUP sign a joint organizing agreement to organize faculty and OAs at UO for the next 18 months.



Spring Marie Vitulli, Mathematics, and Gordon Lafer, Political Science and LERC, start organizing meetings with faculty to discuss the possibility of forming a faculty union; faculty were concerned about erosion of shared governance and salaries that put them at the bottom of their AAU comparators.


March 29 - The American Association of University Professors files a petition with the Public Employee Relations Board to form a faculty union at the UO.

February 5 - American Federation of Teachers, Local 3209 petitions the Public Employee Relations Board to form a faculty union at the UO.