Bargaining 2019-20

Bargaining is here!

Our bargaining team will be meeting with the admin team on December 5th in an attempt to agree to some ground rules for our bargaining sessions. We've been able to easily agree to ground rules in previous years, so we don't anticipate talk    with      Dave much difficulty in agreeing this year. That's the hope, any way.

This page will be your home for all bargaining news, updates, and links to proposals. You can also hit that "Talk with Dave" button and ask any questions you have.

Request an adorable bargaining owl sticker for your computer by clicking on the bird!

UA Bargaining 101

Many faculty want to know some bargaining basics. Here's a handy Bargaining 101.

Meet the Team!

We have an all-star line up of faculty who are ready to bargain on your behalf. They have already put in about 40 hours of work on bargaining, and we have not even reached the table!

You can meet the team here.

Bargaining Updates

We bargain with the administration every Thursday. On Monday, we will send a bargaining update to the membership. If you missed an update or do not receive UA emails, but would like to know what happened, you can click on the links below to read the update from that session.

Bargaining Proposals

We publish all the proposals that are exchanged at the table. You can see them all here. If the circle is green, then that article is still open for negotiation. If the circle is read, that means we have finished bargaining over that article.