Bargaining Team

Our negotiations with the university administration will begin shortly. The bargaining table is where the two parties come together to negotiate a mutually agreeable contract. Partly because both parties tend to think that their ideas better serve the best interests of the university as a whole, it is not always easy to come to agreement. We anticipate that bargaining could take hundreds of hours over the next several months. Fortunately, a number of people were willing to put their names forward and make that commitment.

Your bargaining team has committed their energy, intelligence, and spirit to securing the best contract they can on behalf of their colleagues. Ultimately, they are committed to using our collective power to strengthen education and research at the University of Oregon. 

These are the people who will represent us at the table:

  • Susan Anderson, Professor, German and Scandinavian
  • Ron Bramhall, Senior Instructor, Lundquist College of Business
  • Yvonne Braun, Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies/International Studies
  • John Davidson, Instructor, Political Science
  • Deborah Green, Associate Professor, Religious Studies
  • Judith Kenner, Research Associate, Psychology
  • Deborah Olson, Instructor, Special Education
  • Scott Pratt, Professor, Philosophy
  • Gina Psaki, Professor, Romance Languages

Additionally, Bill Harbaugh from Economics will act as an official consultant to the team.

While the bargaining team will be speaking for us at the table, they will need the support of all faculty in order to secure the best contract possible. Winning a good contract will require strong and visible support from faculty across campus.

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