Bargaining Update


On Tuesday, November 20, the United Academics Bargaining Team and a team representing the administration of the University of Oregon met to discuss the ground rules for future negotiations. The teams were able to come to several agreements that will serve as the foundation on which to build our bargaining relationship.

We agreed that sessions should be held on campus and that sessions shall be open to the public. Both parties expressed a strong interest in achieving a final agreement as soon as possible and, as such, agreed to meet for a full day every other week. We also agreed that bargaining sessions should be conducted in a professional and respectful manner and that non-team member guests in the room should conduct themselves in a similar fashion.

Although we have agreed to meet frequently in principle, we were not able to lock in exact meeting times and locations for the Winter term. These conversations are ongoing, but we hope to have agreement on these details during our next scheduled negotiating sessions on December 13 (9am-1pm) and December 14 (1pm-5pm).  Negotiations will take place in the Knight Library Collaboration Center (Room 122).  We strongly encourage every member who is able to attend and support your Bargaining Team.

For more information on how to get involved, email the Bargaining Team at


As we explained in our last update, the United Academics Bargaining Team issued a formal request to bargain to the Administration of the University of Oregon on October 17.  In that formal request, we also proposed that the Administration grant all members of the bargaining unit the same 3.5% raise granted to administrative staff this summer.

On November 1, the Administration rejected the raise proposal, stating they want to “have that conversation at the table.”

The Bargaining Team is concerned that the Administration did not accept our proposal. During the bargaining process, we will be introducing an integrated and robust set of salary proposals for all faculty at the University of Oregon. These include multi-year efforts to systematically correct the salary differential with our AAU comparators, correct inversion and compression, create transparent salary policies, and implement across the board raises that address the historical lack of raises for all faculty. We will also include a proposal to reward achievement through merit raises.

To learn more about our proposed salary package, check out this statement from the Bargaining Team.


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