Two LERC Trainings

Health Care Bargaining Conference
June 12, 2014 – June 13, 2014
White Stag Building – Portland, OR

Health Insurance: It’s a New World Out There!
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is coming to Oregon. This path-breaking law contains many provisions that will profoundly affect how unions bargain health care for their members.
This conference is designed to help union leaders and staff meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the ACA. Topics will include reporting requirements under the new law, the role of health care exchanges, the implications of ACA for existing union health care plans, and how to develop effective union bargaining strategies in an “ACA world.”

Organizing for Justice in the Inequality Economy: A Community Scholars Class for Union, Community, and Student Activists
UO Campus – Eugene, OR
Instructors: Raahi Reddy, LERC,
and Professor Dan Martinez HoSang, UO Dept. of Poli/Sci

Wealth and income disparities have skyrocketed and are now at their highest level in more than 80 years. U.S. workers, like many around the globe, are toiling longer hours for lower wages—facing rising debt and deepening insecurity.

But in every corner of the country, workers, students and communities are fighting back—organizing to abolish the inequality economy and replace it with a humane and sustainable future that leaves no one behind.

This day-long workshop will help you to understand some of the deeper structural foundations of the inequality economy—how it developed, who has benefited and why so many of us are losing out. Our class will examine the way companies like Wal-Mart and other low-wage employers exploit inequities in race, gender and national origin to expand their power. We will unpack the ways these trends are impacting public sector workers and the social safety net.

More information and registration at the LERC webpage or call 541-346-5054.

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