When are we getting those salary floors raises, you ask?

As we related via email and webpost, we agreed with the university to set salary floors and provide affected faculty with retroactive pay, as the floors are effective as of September 16, 2013.

We know that everyone, including ourselves, was hoping that the raises and retroactive money would be in the April paychecks. Alas, no. Inquires to administration reveal that Unclassified Personnel Services is working hard to get all of the relevant information entered, sort out who gets what, and make sure everything is accurate before releasing the money. As eager as we are to get everyone the money they have already earned, we sympathize with our hard-working colleagues in UPS who are dealing with a flood of new processes that challenge our not-exactly-state-of-the-art systems.

The money is coming. It will be here. It will be great.

The office has also been fielding calls from faculty who are being asked to sign contracts for next year that list salaries that are below the salary floors. Again, we talked with our administrative contacts and they assure us that contracts will be updated to reflect the proper salaries when everything is sorted. This was going to happen for almost all faculty anyway, as the FY15 raise goes into effect on July 1, 2014.* You are not locking yourself into a lower salary by signing a contract that offers a salary lower than the contractual floors.

We recommend that you sign the contracts if you want the job. The salary levels will work themselves out over the summer, although you may be asked to sign a new contract with the appropriate salary at some point in the future.

*We are still discussing with the university implementation team how the timing of this raise will impact 9-month faculty who are working on summer contacts. The FY15 raise impacts base salary and most summer salaries are not based on base salaries and summer salaries/workloads/expectations have traditionally been treated very differently than during the academic year.

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