Renewal Success!

One of the most surprising, but positive developments, to come out of bargaining was the proposal from the university that all Career Non-Tenure-Track Faculty on non-funding-contingent contracts would be notified whether their contracts were to be renewed or not renewed by May 1st. When our team expressed surprise and maybe a little skepticism that this could be done, the university backed up their pledge by proposing that for every day past the May 1st deadline that an NTTF had not received a renewal notice, that NTTF would receive a “bonus” day’s worth of pay.

Yesterday, the university let us know that the first test of the new system was a complete success! 100% of departments and units reported notifying all of the Career NTTF on non-funding-contingent contracts of their status for next year. This is a dramatic change from previous years, when NTTF could until the weeks before class to find out if they still had a job at the UO, and a major step forward in professionalizing and regularizing the instructional and research workforce at the UO.

If you are a Career NTTF on a non-funding-contingent contract and you have not received a renewal or non-renewal notice, please notify us at The university implementation team asked us to let them know as soon as possible if there have been any glitches.

While this is very good news and a giant step in our efforts to transform the university, we realize that we still need to smooth out a couple of wrinkles. We realize that some NTTF received a notice of renewal, but not a new contract. The admin team assures us that the contracts are coming, but we will look to fix this loophole of sorts the next time we bargain.

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