5 reasons to be proud that you are a United Academics member


What a year it has been for our union! Our unionization effort and first contract continues to attract national attention and acclaim. There are many reasons to be proud that you are a UA member. Here are just a few:

5. Winning the job protections we need

Our historic contract provides all faculty with a transparent process for filing a grievance when the administration has violated a section of the agreement, protecting our rights in the tenure and promotion process, in the implementation of raises, and in many other provisions.

4. Your voice counts

With allies across campus, we’ve helped win one of the strongest academic freedom policies in the country, protecting the free speech rights of faculty, staff, and students.  And in every unit on campus, faculty have ratified and reshaped governance policies.

3. Raises, finally

Together, we’ve won significant raises averaging 11.75% for the life of the contract, balanced across merit, equity, and across the board increases. And a new salary floor for the lowest paid full-time faculty has raised the salary of some 240 faculty an average of 11.81%, including back pay averaging $3,180. 

2. A new day for NTT faculty

Against every trend in higher education, our contract has transformed conditions for many NTT faculty on campus: Some 300 NTT faculty have been reclassified to career positions, promising greater job security, better pay, opportunities for professional advancement, promotion, and eligibility for sabbatical.

1. Forward Together

The UO is clearly at a crossroads. We have a new board of trustees. We’ve seen ongoing changes in leadership at many levels. And the challenges to higher education in general continue to mount. Together, we can shape those changes in the best interests of faculty, students, and our campus.


Link to President’s Report

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