Training for Reps and Stewards with Mike Mauer, November 2, 2014

The day-long workshop will cover every aspect of what a steward needs to understand:

— what a grievance is (and is not), including understanding principles of contract language interpretation;
— the different reasons we might have for filing grievances;
— how to investigate and process grievances (and how to seek alternative forms of relief, if they’re available);
— the care and handling of grievants (and of those on the other side);
— the scope of remedies available in grievance / arbitration;
— resolving potentially conflicting interests of individuals, groups, and the union as an institution.

Mike Mauer, a veteran labor attorney serving as senior labor advisor for the AAUP, will be leading the workshop. Many participants will know Mike from his assistance at the table in achieving our first contract.

See event calendar for time and location.

Grievance Agenda

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