Request to Postpone Board Resolution on Policies

Dear President Coltrane,

We very much appreciated your taking the time to engaged with the Senate Executive Committee and other faculty yesterday evening.

Attached please find a request and analysis of how we can move forward — and the reasons why it is essential to ask for the Board resolution to be withdrawn, in favor of engaging in a collaborative process to improve policy-making at the University.

We feel it is important to draw attention to one thing that seems not to have been part of discussions — that UO Policies 01.00.01 and 01.00.02 contain within them specific provisions for making changes even to themselves (that is, to the policy process at the University) on an interim or emergency basis.  Given this flexibility, it is even more apparent that there is no need to have this matter of university procedures elevated to the level of the Board of Trustees at this time.

The Senate and other faculty leaders stand ready to work with you within that flexible authority to make any needed changes to the policy development process on a short-term basis and to work to enshrine needed changes into the UO policy process on a longer term basis.  We have of course discussed this with Senate President Kyr and you already know of his willingness to drive changes forward.

Given that, there is no need whatsoever to have the policy process taken up to the Board level at the present time.

Request to Postpone Board Resolution on Policies

Best regards,

John E. Bonine, B.B. Kliks Professor of Law

Michael Dreiling, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology, President of United Academics

Jennifer Freyd, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

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