Message from VP-TTF

Dear colleagues,

I’m writing today to introduce myself as the newly elected VP for Tenure Track Faculty in United Academics. United Academics is a community of faculty at the UO working together to enhance the quality of faculty work life and student education. You are probably aware that we recently negotiated and signed our second contract with the university. Our first CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) brought about vital and positive changes to the working conditions of faculty and instituted some clear and equitable policies and procedures that were long overdue. Our second contract made further significant gains. Not only have we secured raises (both cost of living and merit) over the lengths of both contracts, we have also protected our benefits and improved working conditions for faculty across all ranks and units.
Some of the most important issues for tenure-track faculty addressed in our first two contracts have been those of shared governance, faculty voice in policies and procedures, transparency and accountability.
*Our new contract includes attention to resources for faculty research and advancement, the kinds of investment that are particularly vital for faculty productivity, recruitment and retention.

*The CBA insures that there is faculty input in the development and clarification of procedures and policies for reviews, promotion, and workloads.

*One of the most exciting initiatives on which United Academics has taken a lead is the new first-year faculty development program that will provide mentorship and support for new faculty in the early stages of their academic careers.

*In the area of benefits and work and family life, we were able to negotiate a commitment on the part of the university to work with us to explore the possibility of a university community sick leave bank. We have another committee focusing on child-care for faculty parents.

*Our negotiations also led the administration to agree to a campus-wide study of salary equity issues, including gender equity.

As VP for TTF, I am particularly eager to get to know the tenure-track faculty. I want to hear what you are interested in and concerned about. What’s working and what needs work? How can we, collectively as faculty, best advocate and work for conditions that both enhance our productivity and satisfaction in our work and contribute to the success of our students? What should our priorities be, moving forward? We are a member-run union–do you have ideas or suggestions for how to increase full membership by faculty in United Academics?

Please think of me as a resource and contact me with questions, ideas, concerns at
best wishes,

Karen McPherson
Professor of French
Vice President for Tenure-Track Faculty

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