UPDATE–Faculty Raises and Grievance

Your January paycheck should have had a 1.5% increase to your base salary. This is the second of three 1.5% raises that we negotiated. You might also have received a merit raise, depending on the process established in your unit. United Academics has received reports from several faculty members that they have not heard any information from their department or unit as to how much, if any, merit increase was in their check this month.  

We recommend that you talk with your department head, supervisor, or office manager about how much of a merit increase you received, if any. We are also encouraging the university administration to send out a notice to faculty about the amount of their merit increase, which is common practice in many units at the university.

On a related note, we are still trying to work with the university administration to resolve issues about the first raise. The contract language is clear: “All bargaining unit faculty members hired on or before June 30, 2012 will receive a salary increase equal to 1.5% of salary effective January 1, 2013.” 

The university administration, however, has effectively denied this raise to many faculty members. Our efforts to resolve this issue informally have not worked, so we filed a grievance on behalf of all faculty who did not receive that increase to their base salary. This will be the first test of our new grievance process. We are confident that United Academics will be able to compel the administration to honor the contract and grant faculty the raises that were negotiated.