United Academics Launch Event!


An Invitation from the United Academics Organizing Committee

Join colleagues for the official LAUNCH of our union authorization card drive!

Tuesday, January 24th

Papé Reception Hall, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

12:30-3:30 – Drop by anytime!

Coffee, tea and light refreshments provided

Organizing Committee members will be sharing the reasons they are involved in building United Academics and answering questions about the official certification process. Please come and share your questions and join the discussion.

NOW IS THE TIME to ask questions.

NOW IS THE TIME to make your decision.

NOW IS THE TIME to say YES to our union by filling out your authorization card.

Already signed your card?  Come enjoy a coffee, share experiences with colleagues and show your support for United Academics.

Leigh-Anne Jasheway-Bryant

“When I was a student at the University of Texas, student government temporarily changed the university’s motto from “Enter to learn. Go forth to serve.” to “Money talks.” So do voices speaking in unison. In tough economic times when so many live in fear of losing their jobs or having to take on more work without extra compensation, we need a faculty union to make sure our voices are heard as loudly as those whose pockets are deep.”


Spike Gildea

“I support the union because I don’t have time to do the research to find out how the university’s money is spent, and to plan strategies for how we can work to stop — and maybe reverse — the increasing bureaucratization of the university.  I don’t agree with everything I have heard at the United Academics meetings, but without question the organization’s goals overlap with my own far more than not and they have been able to gather, analyze and present far more information than I had before those meetings.  I am happy that I will soon have the option to join a faculty union that is able to give me information I need in order to let me participate in faculty governance more actively and at lower personal cost.”


Lynn Feekin

“Unions provide a strong independent voice in how the workplace operates.  With all the changes happening in higher education and specifically at the UO these days, I think forming a union is the best way for faculty to protect and enhance both the quality of education we deliver as well as our own quality of life.  As a non-tenure track faculty member, that sounds like a win-win to me.”


Joel Black

“I support forming our union because I support the right to collectively bargain and because I support a wage floor, health benefits and workplace protections for part-time academic workers (like me).”