Collective Bargaining Committee

Executive Vice President Cristina Calhoon is the Chair of the Collective Bargaining Committee. The Committee is gearing up for the 2015 bargaining season. If you are interested in joining the CBC or have any question about our work, feel free to contact Cristina. The CBC began to prepare for bargaining our 2nd contract this past summer when we met throughout the summer to examine bargaining issues that have arisen through the implementation of our contract. Other issues were items that we didn't achieve in our first contract, such as a sick leave bank and continued expectation of employment for non-tenure track faculty. The CBC worked with all of these items within the framework of principles adopted by the Representative Assembly last year: Equity, Stability, Transparency, Voice and Balanced Priorities. This work resulted in a Bargaining Platform, as required by our Constitution, which has been forwarded to the Representative Assembly for ratification. CBC members are continuing to research specific issues to provide support for the development of articles that will be presented at the table when bargaining begins in earnest in January.

volunteer iconThe Collective Bargaining Committee is always looking for help. If you are interested in helping your colleagues build a better union and university, click on the link and we'll be in touch!