First Year Faculty Development

First Year Faculty Development Program

New tenure-line faculty from different colleges and schools participate in a First Year Faculty Development Program sponsored by UA and Academic Affairs. The program focuses on three central objectives:

  • RESEARCH SUPPORT AND PRODUCTIVITY to ensure that new tenure-track faculty establish their research agenda, trajectory and strategy early in their careers and well in advance of contract review and renewal (typically during the 3rd year) and tenure and promotion review (typically during the 6th year). To this end, select workshops will focus on concrete steps to increase writing and research productivity amidst the demands of service and teaching, as well as developing a narrative and plan to define one’s ongoing research trajectory. In addition, the program staff will organize a work-in-progress session for each fellow in the spring term in order to facilitate progress on an article, book proposal, book chapter, or grant proposal. In collaboration with each fellow, we will identify appropriate readers for the work-in-progress session.
  • MENTORING AND COMMUNITY FORMATION to ensure that new faculty are connected with colleagues from across campus that can provide mentorship and guidance around a range of professional issues and topics. Working as a cohort, faculty fellows will also benefit from developing relationships and connections with other colleagues in the program. The program also includes optional social events and meet-ups to help integrate faculty into the broader campus and community.
  • RESILIENCE AND WELL-BEING IN THE ACADEMY - Transitions into new environments, institutions, workplaces and communities can be taxing. Establishing a sustainable work-life balance can be particularly challenging in this period. A portion of the fellowship program will focus on approaches and experiences to help new faculty thrive during this transition.

*The 2016-17 First Year Faculty Program is still under development. The dates, times, and locations are correct, but the program contents are subject to change.

2016-17 Program

Session #1: Welcome, "My First Year."
Friday, October 21
12 to 1:45 pm
Gerlinger Lounge
Introductions and a panel of advanced assistant and early associate faculty discussing their experiences and advice for pre-tenure faculty around balancing research and teaching expectations, managing time and relationships while on the tenure track, limiting service obligations, and other approaches to getting off to a good start.

Session #2: Grants, Conferences, and Professional Development
Friday, November 11
12 to 1:45 pm
Browsing Room of the Knight Library

A panel will present information on internal and external grants for faculty across disciplines. Where to find relevant grants for your research. How to apply for grants. Resources for successful grant applications. Questions discussed and answered.

Session #3: Academic Research and Publishing
Friday, December 9
12 to 1:45 pm
Browsing Room of the Knight Library

Panel discussion and participant workshop about research plans, beginning with winter break ideas, timelines, strategies.

Session #4: “Productivity, Creativity, and Work-Life Balance: Get a Life, Ph.D.” with Tanya Golash-Boza
Friday, January 13

NTTF - 10:30-11:30, EMU, Redwood (Breakfast)
First and Second Year Tenure-track Faculty - 12-1:45, Knight Library Browsing Room (Lunch)
Pre-tenure and Senior Faculty - 3-4:45, EMU, Mallard (Tea)

Session #5: Teaching
Friday, February 10
12 to 1:45 pm
Browsing Room of the Knight Library

This panel of faculty will address strategies for protecting research time while teaching, rebounding from difficult moments in the classrooms, and understanding the politics and possibilities of student teaching evaluations.

Session #6: Mentoring
Friday, March 10
12 to 1:45 pm
Browsing Room of the Knight Library

Newly matched mentors and mentees will meet for lunch to discuss their plans and share the process with the larger group.

Session #7: Service
Friday, April 7
12 to 1:45 pm
Browsing Room of the Knight Library
This panel of faculty and administrators will discuss service opportunities and offer strategies for taking on the right amount for being a good citizen, without sacrifice to research, teaching, or personal life.

Session #8: Planning the summer
Friday, May 12
12 to 1:45 pm
Browsing Room of the Knight Library

A group discussion on creating a summer research and writing plan, summer teaching, and other approaches for a restful and productive summer break.

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