for Postdoctoral Scholars

strain border Mike Strain is the Vice President for Non-Tenure-Track Research Faculty Affairs. Mike is a Senior Research Associate in CAMCOR. United Academics represents over 500 NTTF Researchers. We represent Research Assistants, Research Associates, Professors of Practice, Research Professors, and Postdoctoral Scholars.

The goal of these pages is to provide the helpful information UO faculty need to know about the collective bargaining agreement, university policy, and, generally, how it all works at the UO. Hopefully, we have the information you came here looking for. If you don’t find your answers on these pages, please let us know, both so we can help you now and so we can update our pages with the information you were seeking.

Summary of Rights and Benefits: Achievements So Far, Vol. 1

Summary of Rights and Benefits: Achievements So Far, Vol. 2

Salary Floors for Postdocs

The Postdoc Retirement Question

The Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Grievance Procedure

Accessing UO Benefits

Union Benefits

Faculty Handbook

University Senate