The United Academics Constitution and Bylaws establishes eight standing committees, chaired by members of the Executive Council. All full members of United Academics are encouraged to participate on the committees. If you are interested in participating, please email the chair of the committee for information on how to get involved.


The Collective Bargaining Committee is responsible for surveying the membership, developing a platform, and presenting the platform to the Representative Assembly for approval. This committee has transitioned into the Contract Action Team now that we are in the process of bargaining a new contract.

Tina Boscha chairs the Contract Action Team (CAT). The CAT focuses on engaging and communicating with faculty throughout the bargaining process. We talk with faculty and keep them informed about what’s happening at the table, and relay member concerns back to the negotiating team. We develop messaging and plan campaigns and actions (think slogans, posters, buttons, rallies). CAT members increase faculty participation in bargaining by turning colleagues out to sessions and recruiting new activists, stewards/reps, and CAT members.

The CAT is always looking for help. If you are interested in helping your colleagues build a better union and university, click on the green button and we'll be in touch!


Nathan Whalen is the chair of the Grievance and Contract Administration Committee [GCAC]. If you have questions about your rights under the Collective Bargaining Agreement or University policy, Nathan and the Committee are happy to help. You can click the circle to the right to email Nathan. Not all problems or situations fall under the CBA, of course, but our role is to help members determine whether they do have a grievance, to advise members accordingly, and, when appropriate, pursue action on behalf of the member. If you want to know how to file a grievance, you can read about that process here. The Grievance and Contract Administration Committee is charged, through the UA Constitution and Bylaws with many duties:
  • Fields requests by UA members to investigation suspected violations of the CBA by the University of Oregon
  • Connects members with stewards who can represent members and investigate suspected violations of the CBA
  • Helps members secure due process in CBA-related investigations and a fair and impartial hearing by relevant University personnel
  • Interprets the CBA with respect to cases that come before the Committee
  • Recommends next steps in the grievance process based on a review of the case
  • Proposes amendments to the CBA to better serve members with grievance and contract administration


talk with joe small white borderBill Harbaugh is the Chair of the Finance Committee. Bill is also the Treasurer of United Academics. Professor Harbaugh has taught Economics at UO since 1995. His research uses methods from experimental economics and neuroeconomics to study charitable giving and the economic behavior of children. If you have any questions about the UA budget, feel free to click the button above and Bill will be happy to help.


Avinnash Tiwari is the Chair of the Politics Committee.

Avinnash is committed first and foremost to making sure that students and communities that have been historically marginalized from and continue to be under-represented within higher education have the opportunities necessary to attend community college, a 4 year university, or a combination of the two. He is also committed to deepening the political strength of our Union along the lines of shared governance, transparency, and academic freedom required for true teaching excellence.


Eleanor Wakefield is an instructor in the English department and composition program. She began teaching at the UO in 2010 as a graduate student in English, continuing as a pro tem and now career instructor. During her time as a graduate student and employee, she acted as a steward and VP of Grievances for the GTFF. She has also served a steward from English for UA and chair of the Representative Assembly. Her scholarly work is on poetry and poetics, especially 19th and 20th century American formal verse.


Tina Boscha is a Senior Instructor in the Composition Program within the Department of English. She began teaching at the UO in 2001 as a graduate student in the Creative Writing Program and her teaching specialties include WR 121 and upper division science and business writing courses. She was part of the organizing effort behind United Academics' formation and is excited to lead the Organizing and Membership Committee and Contract Action Team.