Join United Academics


join the union (1)You can join the union by stopping by the office and filling out a union card, asking your steward for a membership card, or filling out this form and mailing it into the office. Once you join, you will receive a welcome packet with more information about union benefits.

top 5 reasons

1. Keep United Academics strong
UA is a strong union with a good contract because faculty join the union. Members keep the union strong through their participation and dues dollars. We know we speak for the faculty because we are a member-run union. Your membership is vital.


2. Gain a stronger voice
United Academics works closely and cooperatively with the University Senate and Administration to find creative solutions to the challenges facing our university. Membership in the union allows you the opportunity to participate in these conversations. 

3. Protect your rights
As a union, we work together to stand up for our rights. We all deserve clear expectations, fair treatment, and an environment free from discrimination and harassment. Our grievance procedure established a clearly written, progressive policy, and our grievance committee members solve cases quickly and confidentially.

4. Guarantee working conditions
The United Academics contract is a legally binding document that determines raises, cost of living adjustments, a grievance procedure, benefits including health insurance, and job protection for all faculty at the UO. Because of the union, faculty have received raises every year since we have formed, and we have guaranteed cost of living adjustments and merit pools for the next three years.

5. Advocate for public education
As part of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the American Associate of University Professors (AAUP), we directly support efforts across the state of Oregon and nationwide to uphold public education and academic freedom. We stand in solidarity with thousands of other teachers and public workers in Oregon who lobby for legislation that benefits workers and all the citizens of Oregon. Joining the union strengthens these efforts.