Information for Faculty

United Academics represents Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty, Non-Tenure Track Instructors, Librarians, Non-Tenure Track Researchers, Postdoctoral Scholars, and Pro Tem (adjunct) faculty.

The goal of these pages is to provide the helpful information UO faculty need to know about the collective bargaining agreement, university policy, and, generally, how it all works at the UO. Hopefully, we have the information you came here looking for. If you don't find your answers on these pages, please let us know, both so we can help you now and so we can update our pages with the information you were seeking.

Our Stories

Old 101 frontWhen United Academics was first forming, the early activists developed this booklet to help their colleagues better understand how a union works in a higher education context. Much of the information in this booklet is still relevant today.

Read the Old 101 today!

Faculty Voices

Back before the union was formed, members share their stories about the value of forming United Academics. Hop in the wayback machine, check out 2011, and read about building our union.