Initial Appointment for Pro Tem


Only the Provost or designee (dean, VP for Research, unit head) can offer an appointment (aka "contract") and only in writing. Oral promises from anyone at the university are not binding and cannot be relied upon.

Pro Tem faculty are entitled to receive a notice of appointment  as soon as practicable. In most cases, Pro Tem faculty should have their notices of appointment in hand well before the term or academic year starts. In some cases, faculty start working for the University of Oregon without being issued or having signed a letter of appointment. In those cases, any emails or letters you have from the university will be very important, so all documents should be saved.

If you find yourself working without a contract and you do not receive a timely paycheck (pay day is the last day of every month), you should contact our office at 541-636-4714. We can help get the process moving.

Once received, the notice of appointment should include the following:

    • Effective date of appointment
    • Classification, category, and rank
    • Department and title
    • Duration of appointment and/or if appointment is contingent on funding
    • Tenure status, including the nature of any restrictions on eligibility for tenure and any credit for prior service; or
    • Career status, including the nature of any restrictions on eligibility for promotion and any credit for prior service
    • Salary
    • FTE
    • Other requirements of employment

You should also receive written information concerning duties, responsibilities and institutional expectations.