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What’s on the Ballot: 5 Important Measures (overview and recommendation)

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Measure 102 (Yes)

Measure 102 is a constitutional amendment would make affordable housing bond dollars go farther by allowing local governments to partner with non-profit and private housing providers. It was referred to voters on a bipartisan vote of the Oregon Legislature. Regional Measure 26-199 is a Portland-area regional bond that will make it possible to build new affordable homes, and preserve currently affordable homes for those in need of safe, stable housing.

Measure 103 (No)

Measure 103 amends the Oregon Constitution to prohibit taxes/fees based on transactions for “groceries” enacted or amended after September 2017. While this sounds promising, the measure would set a dangerous precedence on other kinds of taxes that the State could initiate in the future (such as a “corporate” tax). Given the underfunded State resources, including a 20+ Billion dollar unfunded actuary liability for PERS, this measure could severely limit the possibility of additional state resources in the future.

Measure 104 (No)

Measure 104 amends the Oregon Constitution to expand the requirement that three-fifths legislative majority approve bills raising revenue. However, 104 is an unnecessary constitutional amendment. There is already a supermajority requirement for tax increases in Oregon. Making this change would jeopardize funding for education, health care, and other vital services. Expanding this requirement would also make it harder for the legislature to close wasteful tax loopholes that benefit big corporations and special interests.

Measure 105 (No)

Measure 105 repeals current Oregon law limiting use of state/local law enforcement resources to enforce federal immigration laws. Law enforcement officers and agencies in our State are already underfunded, understaffed, and stretched thin. State law enforcement does not have the resources or the mandate to carry out Federal immigration law. To pass such a measure would increase racial profiling, both in its (il)legal form as well as in its de facto existence. This measure could also potentially increase hostility between law enforcement and the people they are meant to serve. As a University that welcomes and values its international community, there is simply no way we can support this measure.

Measure 106 (No)

Measure 106 amends the Oregon Constitution to prohibit spending “public funds” directly or indirectly for “abortion” and reduces abortion access. Clearly, this is a dangerous measure seeking to both unethically govern women’s bodies while at the same time setting up a dangerous precedent whereby the State can pick and choose what kinds of health care public insurance can cover.

Who’s on the ballot: Recommendations from State to Local

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Governor: Kate Brown (D)

Governor Brown has continually championed issues of labor and education for the State, and was crucial to the effort to establish the United Academics faculty union at OSU. We here at UAUO will continually press Governor Brown on issues that relate directly to our University, such as our Board of Trustees, state funding, and UO Foundation transparency. We believe Governor Brown will be the best candidate to push through these issues most important to us here at the UO.

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Oregon State Senators

Floyd Prozanski - SD 4 – South Lane, North Douglas
Lee Beyer – SD 6 – Springfield
James Manning, Jr. - SD 7 – Eugene, Junction City
Sara Gelser – SD 8 – Corvallis, Albany
Deb Patterson - SD 10 - South Salem
Peter Courtney - SD 11 – Salem

Oregon House of Representatives

Christy Inskip - HD 7 - Lane & Douglas County
Paul Holvey – HD 8 - Eugene
Marty Wilde – HD 11 – Eugene
John Lively - HD 12 - Springfield
Nancy Nathanson – HD 13 - Eugene
Julie Fahey - HD 14 - W Eugene, Junction City
Rachel Prusak - HD 37 - West Linn


YES on Measure 101 - This measure would retain the bipartisan 1.5% tax on health insurance companies, health care providers, and hospitals. The revenue goes to funding the Oregon Health Plan. Without these matching funds, Oregon would lose billions in federal aid.  PASSED!



Sponsors: Sen Dembrow; Rep Gorsek; Sen Frederick; Sen Monnes Anderson; Sen Steiner Hayward; Rep Doherty; Rep Holvey; Rep McLain; Rep Nosse; Rep Piluso; Rep Smith Warner

Relating to employees at public institutions of higher education.

Requires Higher Education Coordinating Commission to ensure that any policy adopted by public institution of higher education for determining whether part-time faculty members are eligible for health care benefits use aggregate total of hours worked by faculty member at all public institutions of higher education.


Bill Sponsor: Sen Ferrioli

Relating to the repeal of the Oregon Retirement Savings Plan; declaring an emergency. Repeals provisions establishing Oregon Retirement Savings Plan.


Bill Sponsor: Sen Knopp; Sen Kruse; Sen Baertschiger Jr; Sen Boquist; Sen Ferrioli; Sen Girod; Sen Hansell; Sen Olsen; Sen Thatcher; Sen Winters; Rep Nearman

Relating to the calculation of final average salary under the Public Employees Retirement System; declaring an emergency.

Changes calculation of final average salary for purposes of Public Employees Retirement System to use five years of salary instead of three years, for salary paid on and after January 1, 2018.


Sen Knopp; Sen Kruse; Sen Baertschiger Jr; Sen Boquist; Sen Ferrioli; Sen Hansell; Sen Olsen; Sen Thatcher; Sen Winters; Rep Nearman

Relating to public employee retirement; declaring an emergency.

Redirects employee contributions made by member of system from individual account program to account to be used to pay for member's pension or other retirement benefits accrued on or after January 1, 2018.

Yes on Measure 97
Kate Brown for Governor
Brad Avakian for Secretary of State
Julie Fahey for State Representative District 14
Phil Barnhardt for State Representative District 11
Paul Holvey for State Representative District 8
Pete Sorenson for Lane County Commissioner

Candidates and issues endorsed by allies and affiliates of United Academics
AFT-Oregon has a well-developed political endorsements page.

They have endorsed Measures 97 and 99.

For statewide office, they endorse Kate Brown, Brad Avakian, and Tobias Read.

Locally, they have endorsed Paul Holvey, Phil Barnhart, Nancy Nathanson, John Lively, and Julie Fahey.