Salary Floors for Research Faculty

An Explanation

United Academics does not believe the salary floors for Research Assistants should be lower than those for other Career NTTF. During the original setting of the salary floors and during the last round of bargaining, we argued that Research Assistants do valuable work for the university and deserve to be paid a decent wage.

The university administration disagrees, or, at least, they have a different view of what constitutes a decent wage. 

The university administration has marshaled several arguments to justify paying Research Assistants less than other research faculty, but they rely on two basic arguments. One, they argue that the work performed by many Research Assistants is not really academic work and the classification of many Research Assistants as "faculty" is an artifact of a mistaken classification some years ago. Two, they argue that the market for Research Assistants both justifies and demands that RAs be paid low wages in that the wage must be fair because there is no shortage of people willing to do the job.

United Academics has disagreed with these arguments on multiple occasions, but ultimately the university proved unwilling to budge at the bargaining table. We hope to fix this issue next time we bargain. If you are a Research Assistant and you would like to help, please contact our office at 541-636-4714 or the VP for Research Non-Tenure Track Faculty Affairs

Before July 1, 2016

Research Assistants: $32,000

Postdoctoral Scholars: $36,000

All Others: $36,000

After July 1, 2016

Research Assistants: $34,000

Postdoctoral Scholars: $39,000

All Others: $39,000

After July 1, 2017

Research Assistants: $34,000

Postdoctoral Scholars on 9-month appointments: $39,000

Postdoctoral Scholars on 12-month appointments: The NIH Postdoctoral minimum salary schedule. The floor will continue to be adjusted each July 1 pursuant to the NIH schedule.

All Others: $39,000