Social Justice and Equity

Social Justice and Equity at UO

Over the course of the last six months, the Executive Council has been discussing how the union can focus on improving social justice, including racial justice, and equity on our campus. We believe that the UO, while making steps in the right direction, has a long way to go. We want to ensure that faculty have a strong voice in that process.

We recognize that many groups on campus are already working hard on this project and have been doing so for many years. We want to be able to amplify and support these projects. We believe that, as a union, we can bring unique tools to the project, especially our ability to collectively bargain with the university.

As we discussed these issues, we developed a plan to guide our thinking and actions over the course of the next few years as we develop our bargaining proposals, negotiate with the university, and implement a new agreement. Along the way, we will engage in other projects that build diversity and equity on our campus.

Below you can see our plan. It will evolve and mature over time, but you can see our strategies for improving social justice and equity, our measurable objectives to keep us on track, and our tactics to achieve our mission.

We will have more coming. This spring, we will be launching a diversity survey that asks faculty where the university is today, where you envision the UO to be tomorrow, and how UA can help get there.

If you would like to help implement the plan, or you work with a group you would like us to support, please do not hesitate to contact the office. We'll be happy to help.