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Kristy Hammond has worked for United Academics since February of 2014. Previously, she co-founded Cornbread Cafe, Eugene's premier vegan comfort food restaurant, and also spent seven years with the Civil Liberties Defense Center. Kristy is a native of Wisconsin and has lived in Eugene for eighteen years where she takes every opportunity afforded to her to enjoy the outdoors with her family.


dave border talk    with      DaveDavid Cecil has worked in the labor movement for the last 15 years, most of those years with the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation. Before his union career, he attended graduate school here at the UO, earning a MA in History, before discovering that he loved bargaining contracts more than he loved 19th-cenutry American medical-legal history. He does love bargaining contracts.

In his spare time, he drinks beer on the patio with his wife, tends to his blossoming record collection, and sleeps.