Union Dues

Union Dues

All unions require financial resources to achieve their objectives. In addition to covering the basic costs of union representation (negotiating and implementing contracts and processing grievances), most unions also assess dues to support internal organizing programs to keep the local strong. These programs can include membership drives, training, political action, and solidarity campaigns.

The union dues rate for faculty in the United Academics bargaining unit is 1.1% of salary.

Before being certified as a union, faculty activists developed a proposed budget for the future union. When developing the budget, the committee tried to strike a balance, providing enough funds to have a robust and impactful union while keeping dues as low as possible. In October 2013, the membership of United Academics approved a proposal to set the dues at 1.1% and they have remained at that level through the life of the union.

Our dues are in keeping with the dues levels at other faculty unions across the country, especially those unions who are jointly affiliated with AFT and AAUP.

United Academics has a “fair share” agreement with the university. This allows United Academics to collect a fee from all employees who are legally represented by the union, even if they choose not to become full members.

Our fair share dues rate is the same the as full member dues rate, but fair share members are eligible to pay a lesser amount in dues if they become objectors. Objectors can opt out of paying for any political activity or activity that only benefits full members directly, but must pay for all representational activities, including bargaining, contract administration, and union administration expenses. Objectors typically pay 75% of the full rate, although their rate varies based on the annual audit. Objectors are not consulted or informed about union activities.