Union Governance and Budget Documents


The Representative Assembly adopted a revised Constitution and Bylaws of United Academics on October 16, 2019. This version of the Constitution and Bylaws governs the affairs of United Academics. The membership of United Academics adopted the original Constitution and Bylaws of United Academics the same night we ratified the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Constitution and Bylaws were drafted by a committee of volunteers over the 2013 academic year. They were originally adopted on October 8, 2013.


talk with bill small white border harbaugh border Bill Harbaugh is the Chair of the Finance Committee. Bill is also the Treasurer of United Academics. Professor Harbaugh has taught Economics at UO since 1995. His research uses methods from experimental economics and neuroeconomics to study charitable giving and the economic behavior of children. The 2019-2020 United Academics budget was adopted by the Representative Assembly at their May 15, 2019 meeting. If you have any questions about the UA budget, feel free to click the button above and Bill will be happy to help. You can view the full Finance and Budget page here.


In addition to the Constitution and Bylaws, members of United Academics have crafted a number of policies and procedures to ensure the union's integrity remains sound. These include the Whistleblower Policy, Retention and Destruction PolicyConflict of Interest, and the Anti-Fraud Policy.